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Practice and Reflections on the Introduction of International Professional Qualification Education to Accounting Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000426


Ziyan Yuan, Yan Hou and Jiaqiang Li

Corresponding Author

Ziyan Yuan


With the continuous deepening of the global economic integration process, China's economic development objectively requires a large number of new international accounting talents with international vision and familiarity with international experience. In the international development of China's accounting industry, the unification of accounting standards and international practices, the international development of Chinese university undergraduate education has become a general trend. Updating accounting professions and adjusting accounting personnel training strategies are the only way to achieve the internationalization of China's accounting education. This article studies the practice and thinking of the introduction of international professional qualification education in college accounting teaching. This article takes ACA teaching in a university as the research object. According to the data analysis, 30.25% of students choose to increase their knowledge resources; 47% of students said that they are receiving ACA education to get better jobs. I especially hope that I will work towards internationalization in the future. 17.58% of students said that ACA study is the hope of parents. The main difficulty students face in receiving ACA education is also an indicator of the survey. 38.3% of students believe that English is the biggest challenge to learn ACA before writing a complete English textbook; 36.32% of students think that time limit is the biggest difficulty of learning ACA; 27.23% of students think that self-management is the biggest factor affecting ACA learning.


International Accounting Professional Qualification; College Accounting; Accounting Teaching; Internationalization of Accounting Education