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Application of PDCA Cycle in Japanese Teaching Management

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000432


Xiuping Li

Corresponding Author

Xiuping Li


Teaching quality is important in the entire teaching process, and it is like the lifeline of a school. The improvement of teaching quality is of great significance to promote the development of learning. When researching Japanese teaching management in schools, more and more learning methods are biased towards PDCA Cycle teaching which is a scientific teaching method that can help improve the quality of Japanese teaching and is scientific and suitable for students. In this regard, the author first outlines the basic theoretical knowledge of the PDCA Cycle, then analyzes the implementation of PDCA in Japanese teaching management in detail, and elaborates the precautions when implementing PDCA Cycle teaching in Japanese teaching management.


PDCA Cycle; Japanese teaching; Teaching management; Teaching strategy; Application