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Research Progress of Domestic Social Psychology in the Field of Subjective Well-being

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000437


Youyang Ge

Corresponding Author

Youyang Ge


Since the third world industrial revolution, the global economic development has entered the track of rapid development, accompanied by people's increasingly heavy work pressure and sub-health physical and mental state. With the rapid growth of GDP, subjective well-being, as a field of positive psychology research, has been increasingly concerned and concerned by the people, and has gradually become one of the gold standards for the overall measurement of individual quality of life. It is undeniable that in the global scale, especially in our country, the national happiness index has not achieved the same growth as GDP, and there is an obvious data gap between different income groups. The purpose of this paper is to improve people's psychological prediction and crisis control ability by interpreting the overall subjective well-being, so as to establish a correct subjective well-being. This paper introduces the five aspects of subjective well-being judgment commonly used in domestic psychological research to outline the complete landscape of well-being and the latest progress. The research results of this paper show that most psychological models of happiness are constructed according to cultural color, and should be deepened from general investigation to each level of happiness, in order to transfer to the internal process of subjective well-being research and achieve results.


Social Psychology; Subjective Well-being; Physical and Mental Sub-health; Psychological Prediction