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On Anomie and Reconstruction of “Shadow Education” in English Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000441


Guoyan Ruan

Corresponding Author

Guoyan Ruan


Shadow education in pedagogy mainly refers to subject or academic courses, and the examination and progression system in the process of English teaching has given birth to shadow education in English. The research holds that: in the process of English teaching, shadow education has deviated from the origin of quality education and industry anomie in the practical development, which has aggravated the new educational inequality and class solidification characteristics, which deserves the attention of academics and society. The unordered development of shadow education and the phenomenon of anomie in the process of English teaching need to be comprehensively managed. Its specific path depends on the top-level design of the whole-person education concept, the sustainable development of people in the country, and the strengthening of industry norms and discipline.


English; shadow education; teaching process