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Status Quo of Internet Addiction and Intervention Strategies of Private College Students in the Background of Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000442


Xiaojia Hu, Jingyuan Zhang and Jingyi Fan

Corresponding Author

Xiaojia Hu


With the development of the internet age, the influence of the internet on college students is growing. Some college students have long been obsessed with the illusion of the Internet and have affected their studies and life. Internet addiction has gradually become a very serious social problem. The purpose of this article is to analyze the current status of internet addiction among private college students, explore its causes, and use ideological and political education to intervene in internet addiction among private college students. This article uses a questionnaire survey to investigate the current situation of Internet use and Internet addiction among college students in a private university. The survey results show that 21.1% of college students have Internet addiction, and 487 people have a potential risk of Internet and online game addiction. Very unfavorable to the development of college students. In order to help college students with internet addiction and college students who are at risk of addiction to eliminate the mental illness of being addicted to online games, based on the principles of ideological and political education, a comprehensive intervention strategy of monitoring, preventing and correcting internet addiction is proposed . Ensuring the effectiveness of internet addiction under the intervention of ideological and political education background will help college students to eliminate internet addiction and prevent the risk of addiction.


Internet Addiction; Ideological and Political Education; Private College Students; Intervention Strategy