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Construction of Evaluation Index System for the Core Competitiveness of Students Majoring in Physical Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000447


Xia Jin

Corresponding Author

Xia Jin


The core competence of students is a comprehensive ability with competitive advantages formed after students receive education. The purpose of this article is to build a scientific evaluation index system of core competence of physical education majors and improve core competitiveness of physical education majors. In this paper, the literature index method, questionnaire survey and other methods are used to construct an evaluation index system for the core competence of physical education students, and the weights are analyzed and determined. Finally, a physical education major of a certain university is used as a sample to build the core of physical education students Competitiveness index system was verified. The arithmetic evaluation value of the core competence of the juniors majoring in physical education in this university was 85.18%. It is concluded that the construction of physical education professional evaluation indicators can feed back talent training programs, identify the quality of talent training, reflect the quality and effectiveness of teaching, and test the construction and reform of recommended courses and teaching. It is conducive to identifying the direction of talent training, identifying the quality of talent training, facilitating the construction and reform of courses and teaching, and forming a talent team.


Physical Education Major; Core Competitiveness; Evaluation Indicators; Construction of the System