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Ideological and Political Education in Functional Experiment Teaching under The Background of Narrative Medicine

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000448


Huaifen Ma, Xiaoming Li, Tingting Meng and Huanle Fang

Corresponding Author

Huaifen Ma


The function experiment synthesizes the experiment contents of physiology, pharmacology and pathophysiology, from the normal physiology to the change of function metabolism under the pathological state to the drug treatment. The purpose of this paper is to study the ideological and political education running through the functional experiment teaching under the background of narrative medicine. First of all, it introduces the significance background of the combination of functional experiment teaching and ideological and political education, and expounds the importance of medical humanities education and the importance of narrative medicine education for personnel training, and then explains the cultivation of narrative medicine for ideological and political education from three aspects. Finally, the teaching plan of functional experiment was made, and data was collected through questionnaire survey. The experimental results show that 69.8% of the students think that the number of students who have good research questions before the experimental course is good, 91.3% think that the number of students who have good discussion solutions is good, and the number of students who think that they can improve their thinking ability and inspire innovation ideas is over 7096. The students' ability of learning and thinking has been improved significantly, which lays a solid foundation for their rigorous scientific research style and creative scientific research thinking in the future.


Narrative medicine; Functional experiment teaching; Ideological and political education; Comprehensive quality