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The Development of Processing Trade in Shanghai

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000452


Yue Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yue Zhang


As one of the most economically developed cities in China,Shanghai coupled with the superior geographical position advantage ,and many other advantages ,its processing trade nature also have the very rapid development .To research the development of processing trade in Shanghai is a great significance to the expanding of economy of Shanghai and to the expanding of economy of the whole country . This paper chooses Shanghai processing trade as the research object .In this article ,through reading literature ,finding and dealing with statistics data ,the development history of processing trade in Shanghai ,the current status of commodity import and export ,the commodity structure present situation ,the situation of commodity import and export countries and regions ,the main trade situation and investment subject are analysed .It is found that the existence of labour costs increase the competition pressure of international .The appreciation of the local currency ,resulting in a decline in export advantage .Unreasonable industrial structure ,low value-added products ,the competition pressure continues to increase ,the customs has the risk ,research and development investment is not enough, are also the problems of processing trade in Shanghai .Aiming at the above problems ,we have put forward countermeasures and suggestions for develop of advanced manufacturing and emerging industries to promote the competitiveness of products ,strengthening intellectual property protection and accelerating the construction of independent brands ,optimize regulation and improve fiscal and taxation policies ,strengthen personnel training and department collaboration.


Processing trade; Shanghai; Development trend; To optimize the regulation