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Research on the linkage development of manufacturing and logistics industry from the perspective of industrial convergence

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000475


Wenwu Yu

Corresponding Author

Wenwu Yu


Manufacturing and logistics industry are independent industrial sectors in the development of social economy, they are also the material production sectors that produce and provide specific products and services in the process of national economic development. They are closely related to each other in terms of service object, production factor and promotion. At present, industrial convergence can greatly promote the development of different independent industrial sectors by breaking the independence of industries under the traditional economic model and strengthening the close connection among industries. It is undeniable that industrial integration has become a new form of economic development, an inevitable trend of social and economic development. In this case, the joint development of manufacturing and logistics industry is an inevitable trend of industry convergence, which not only improves the value of each industry, but also promotes the development of national economy. This paper expounds the connotation and significance of the linkage development between manufacturing industry and logistics industry, this paper analyzes the problems existing in the linkage development of manufacturing and logistics industry in northeast China based on the perspective of industrial integration, such as the low overall level, the low degree of outsourcing, the lack of credit mechanism, and the difficulty of reconciling the contradiction between supply and demand, and proposed the pertinent countermeasure.


Industrial Integration; linkage Development; Industrial Cluster; Service Outsourcing