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Research on Risks in Internet Finance Mode

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000483


Changqing Miao, Shuo Li,Pengcheng Wang

Corresponding Author

Changqing Miao


Under the current times of social network, many industries are slowly upgrading and replacing some traditional technologies. Especially the financial industry. Today, the Internet finance model has become the world's most attractive vocabulary. The emergence of these new technologies has effectively promoted the economic and social development. However, in the process of Internet financial development, due to the influence of many factors, it is easy to induce industry strategy risks. The resulting risk issues will be analyzed in this article, and corresponding risk management and preventive measures will be proposed. Based on this, it will contribute to the development of Internet finance. firstly, this paper introduced the theory and background of Internet finance ; Secondly, it analyzes the model of Internet finance, and discusses them from the three levels of the causes of risk, the types of major risks, and the hazards of risk. Finally, in light of the risks in the Internet finance model, the risk management measures were discussed.


Internet finance; Risk problems; Management measures