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Analysis on the development and opening strategy of Heilongjiang border under the background of Belt and Road

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000485


Ning Shi,Xuechao Wang

Corresponding Author

Ning Shi


Heilongjiang lies in the northeast of China, only a river away from Russia, and has opened many open ports in Heilongjiang, such as Fuyuan City in Jiamusi, Heihe in the Da Hinggan Ling Prefecture, etc. Heilongjiang's cross-border economic co-operation. Under the influence of the Belt and Road strategy, Heilongjiang and other countries and regions bordering Russia and Mongolia have engaged more frequently and closely in economic and cultural exchanges, transportation, tourism and other fields, and have taken advantage of the Belt and Road development opportunities It is an inevitable trend of the times to respond to the call of the country and strengthen cross-border economic cooperation between Heilongjiang and Russia, which is of positive significance to the economic development of Heilongjiang and even our country.


Heilongjiang province; Edging; Opening