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Women, Family, and Entrepreneurship: Oral Research of Women Entrepreneurial Experience

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000492


Caihong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Caihong Zhang


Female entrepreneurship plays an important part in promoting employment, innovation and economic growth. Through the case study, this paper dynamically analyzes the relationship between family and work of female entrepreneurs and their coping strategies. The results indicate that the process of female entrepreneurship includes the entrepreneurial capital accumulation stage, the adaptation to the operation stage and the stable development stage. And the female entrepreneurs adopted establishing and supplementing family relations, maintaining and expanding family relations, and responding to and repaying family relations to balance the work-family conflict respectively in these different stages. However, even if entrepreneurship can bring economic empowerment to female entrepreneurs, they still cannot get rid of the traditional family responsibility influence. They want to maintain family-work balance and life coordination so they make great personal efforts and interests sacrifice. Finally, the research proposed a dynamic theoretical framework of family-work balance strategies for female entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurship; Female entrepreneurs; Work-family conflict; Work-family balance