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Ways and Methods to Improve the Professional Competence of Administrative Personnel in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000512


Jiudong Li, Bin Wang, Da Li, Kai Hu and Shuqing Du

Corresponding Author

Jiudong Li


College administration is closely related to the development of colleges and universities. The overall quality of college administrators directly determines the administrative level of colleges and universities and the overall management order of colleges and universities. It can be said that college administrators play an important role in the connotation construction of college education, the construction of modern management system and the cultivation of core values, so it is of great significance to improve the professional competence of college administrators. The purpose of this paper is to explore the ways and methods to improve the vocational competency of administrative personnel in colleges and universities, so as to build a team of highly professional and efficient administrative personnel, and finally promote the continuous improvement of administrative work efficiency in colleges and universities. This article first to the competency and relevant concepts are analyzed, such as professional competency and with the help of APH model algorithm, administrative personnel in colleges and universities of professional competency indicators carried on the thorough analysis, on this basis, it is concluded that the administrators in colleges and universities of professional competency development present situation and problems, thus put forward the improve administrative personnel in colleges and universities professional competence of the specific path and method. The experiment of this paper shows that the vocational competence of administrative personnel in universities and colleges in China has not reached the ideal effect and needs to be further improved.


Administrative Management; Professional Competence; Paths and Methods; APH Model Algorithm