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Analysis of the Impact of Venture Capital on the Overall Level of Technological Innovation in High-tech Enterprises

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000532


Jiang Rui

Corresponding Author

Jiang Rui


An important driving force for the development of enterprises during technological innovation. With the continuous development of high-tech and high-tech industries, it can create considerable economic benefits for the region and the country. To this end, local governments at all levels need to attach great importance to the innovation and development of high-tech enterprises in the region, and support economic policies in terms of key technological innovations. Venture capital has become widespread in China's investment industry this year. Venture capital has played a positive role in promoting high-tech development in enterprises. In view of this, this article focuses on the three dimensions of the overview of venture capital and innovation of high-tech enterprises, the analysis of the impact of venture capital on high-tech enterprises, and the research on the countermeasures of venture capital of technology centers in high-tech enterprises.


Venture Capital; High Technology; Technological Innovation