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Jiangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tourism: Development Model and Practical Exploration

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000547


Quan Xia,Sijia Luo,Zhenyu Hu

Corresponding Author

Zhenyu Hu


Traditional Chinese medicine health tourism is a "cross-border" cooperation between the Chinese medicine industry and the tourism industry. It is based on traditional Chinese medicine resources and tourism resources, and aims at win-win cooperation. With the rapid rise and growth of TCM health tourism, more and more provinces are actively investing in the wave of promoting TCM health tourism. Jiangxi has been recognized as the city with splendid resources. Traditional Chinese medicine resources and tourism resources are at the forefront of the country. It is a natural thing to vigorously develop traditional Chinese medicine health tourism. Based on an in-depth analysis of various natural, human, and traditional Chinese medicine resources in Jiangxi, this paper proposes the modes and practical explorations that Jiangxi can use to develop TCM health tourism, and provides reference for Jiangxi's innovative development of TCM health tourism.


TCM health tourism;Resource analysis;Development model;Practical exploration