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China’s Solution of International Investment Dispute Arbitration Settlement Mechanism under The “Belt and Road” strategy

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000548


Hai Tian,Jianying Wang

Corresponding Author

Hai Tian


In order to avoid the aggravation of friction and conflict in the construction of “Belt and Road” Initiative, effectively resolve international investment disputes, and thus promote the smooth development of cooperation among countries. Under the background that the dispute settlement mechanism between investors and host countries still needs to be further explored, it is of great significance for our country to propose the construction of “Belt and Road” investment dispute settlement mechanism. Because international investment involves the particularity of the civil and commercial subject and the complexity of trading activities. Compared with resolving the conflicts in the field of investment through litigation, the parties often seek “arbitration” in the non-litigation solution which is more convenient and cost-saving. However, the problem is that countries along the “Belt and Road” have different legal concepts and cultural backgrounds. How to construct the “Belt and Road” investment dispute arbitration settlement mechanism will also face new challenges.


The Belt and Road;Investment Dispute;Arbitration Settlement Mechanism