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Teaching Mode Innovation of Programming Courses Based on OBE

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000549


Jie Dong and Hongkai Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hongkai Zhang


The supply-side reform of higher education brings opportunities and challenges to the development of higher education, which should be closely combined with the construction of "new engineering" and the certification of engineering education, and attach importance to the research of professional teaching and the cultivation of high-quality innovative talents. with the aim of improving students' ability to solve "complex engineering problems". we should analyze the current teaching situation of computer, intelligent building and other courses related to program design, conform to the development trend, put forward the “1+5+1” teaching process and characteristic teaching design research, improve the quality of teaching, cultivate students 'professional accomplishment and innovative ability


Supply-side reform; Engineering education certification; Program design; Teaching research; Online and offline