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Heilongjiang Sports Culture and Its Inheritance in Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000550


Yong Chen

Corresponding Author

Yong Chen


With the continuous development of economy and technology, the advent of the era of big data has changed China's politics, economy, culture, education and other fields, and has promoted the rapid development of all walks of life in China. The dissemination of campus sports culture can promote the development of school sports and enrich the amateur cultural life on campus, which is of certain benefit to improving the popularity of the school. This article starts from the local universities in Heilongjiang Province. Under the background of big data, it adopts research methods such as literature review, investigation and research, and mathematical statistics to conduct a comprehensive survey of the school sports culture in Heilongjiang Province. This article first explains the solutions to problems related to inheritance and education, analyzes the current state of Heilongjiang sports culture in the era of big data, points out the problems of current Heilongjiang sports culture, and gives relevant solutions. Research on cultural inheritance methods, the research found that in the era of big data, there are various ways of inheritance of sports culture, of which the inheritance of education culture is the most prominent, accounting for 15%. How important the heritage is, therefore, it is necessary to establish and improve the campus sports culture system, strengthen the construction of campus sports culture system, guide students to establish correct sports values, strengthen the construction of sports teacher teams, and organize various sports and cultural activities. Provincial school sports culture construction provides institutional guarantee and theoretical support.


Big Data; Sports Culture; Cultural Heritage; Inheritance Methods