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Reconstruction of Teaching Quality Evaluation System and Construction of "Golden Course"

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000554


Weidong Wang, Yuee Sun, Nannan Yu, Shuai Wang and Enqi Liu

Corresponding Author

Enqi Liu


For the reform of higher education in our country, the construction of gold course is an important development direction. Through the scientific and reasonable construction of teaching evaluation system, we could better set up the course system and improve the quality of talent training. In the traditional evaluation system of teaching quality in colleges and universities, too much attention was paid to quantitative evaluation, which leaded to some problems in the process of education reform. With the continuous development of the times, we should design the overall teaching in colleges and universities, reconstruct the implementation process of the teaching quality evaluation system and the application of the evaluation results, and adopt a new evaluation mode that combines quantitative and qualitative methods organically, so as to improve the evaluation level and create a gold teaching classroom.


Course Teaching; Quality Evaluation System; Qualitative Analysis; Golden Course