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A Probe into the Professional Identity of Males in Pre-primary Education Majors of Public Fundamental Normal Schools

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000559


Yuntao Dong and Fang Liu

Corresponding Author

Yuntao Dong


The publicly funded normal student education system is a policy product formulated by the Ministry of Education to popularize and improve compulsory education in our country, and it is a model and model for public education of people's teachers. In order to train outstanding teachers to serve basic education, the most important thing is to let them fall in love with this profession, and to recognize the significance and responsibility of teacher work from the aspects of professional value, so that they can actively and actively invest in work, so public funds The level of professional identity of normal students not only affects their job satisfaction and whether they can devote themselves to education, but also determines the stability of the teaching team and the quality of education. The purpose of this article is to explore the male professional identity of pre-school education majors at publicly funded colleges. This inquiry analyzes the factors that affect professional identity of male pre-school education majors in public-funded normal college students through text analysis, questionnaire surveys, and in-depth interviews with male pre-school education majors. It also analyzes the factors that affect professional identity of male pre-school education majors in public-funded normal college students and the problems existing in the training process. The experimental results show that at this stage, 25.5% of the male students of pre-primary education majors in public-funded colleges who are specialized in public education, due to their lack of identification with their professions, make them lack motivation and enthusiasm in their work, which leads them to leave frequently, which is not only not conducive to their own development. Not conducive to the development of China's preschool education. Male teachers are undoubtedly an indispensable part of China's preschool education. Only by improving the self-professional recognition of male preschool education teachers and letting male teachers feel their important role in preschool education, can male teachers work in the process. Only by truly finding a sense of belonging can we really accelerate the pace of China's preschool education.


Public-Funded Normal Students; Semester Education Majors; Male Professional Identity; Preschool Education