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The Mainstream Ideological Education of College Students under the Virtual Condition of Network

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000560


Haoran Mu, Huanquan Shen

Corresponding Author

Huanquan Shen


Since the widespread spread of the Internet, people have been habitually labeling the Internet as a "virtual world", which is also an important feature that distinguishes online culture from other cultural forms. This virtualization mainly manifests in the hidden nature of people's online identities and the unreliability and inaccuracy of information released by people. As the main body in the process of ideology formation, college student groups are easily guided by wrong thoughts, form ideologies that run counter to China's mainstream ideology, and even threaten China's ideological security. This article aims to study new ways of mainstream ideological education to college students in a virtual network environment. The main research methods of this paper are literature research methods and empirical research methods. First, through literature research, analyze the characteristics of information dissemination under network virtual conditions and the opportunities and challenges to mainstream ideological education for college students. Questionnaire surveys and personal interviews were then conducted on 300 undergraduate students as subjects. An empirical study is made on the subject of mainstream ideological education for college students in a virtual environment. Through different education models, fully stimulate the subjective enthusiasm of students. Making college students have a good mainstream awareness of cyberspace is an important guarantee for college students to provide good mental health guidance. Obtaining the current mainstream ideological education for college students is in the active exploration stage, and more efforts will be needed to obtain many useful results.


Internet Virtualization; College Student Education; Mainstream Ideology; Morphological Research