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The Innovation of the Teaching Mode of "Furniture Design" From the Perspective of Environmental Art Specialty

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000562


Yijie Liu and Wei Cheng

Corresponding Author

Yijie Liu


Environmental art has the characteristics of professional furniture design course, puts forward the reform ideas and plan, encourage students to use various means and ways to obtain information, encourage students with ability to collect and process information, design work, through the reform to let the students from the perspective of art and design, to reinterpret the reshaping of the old furniture, and give a new sense of form, to prolong service life cycle, in the teaching theory, establish reasonable teaching goals, develop effective course operating procedures, to create good conditions for the aspects such as implementation of the comprehensive reform and innovation, to improve the teaching quality, the purpose of strengthening the construction of curriculum.


Environmental Art; Furniture Design; Teaching Mode; Reform