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Research on the Feasibility and Countermeasures of Emergency Management for Language Course Learning In Colleges under Major Emergencies

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000568


Yuan Yu, Shuang Wang, Bingxin Liu, Jingyan Kuang and Qihui Kong

Corresponding Author

Yuan Yu


In the case of unpredictable major emergencies, the offline teaching process of colleges may be affected to a great extent. Without effective measures, millions of college students will face a series of problems, such as curricular schedule interruption and delayed graduation. Therefore, a set of relatively complete emergency teaching program is very necessary. Language learning is an organic combination of theory and practice, and the learning process is less restricted by professional equipment. Today, with the gradual development of network teaching platform, online teaching is possible to realize emergency course management in case of major emergencies. The significance of this study lies in the systematic investigation and evaluation of the feasibility of emergency management in language learning of college students in case of major emergencies. The exploration of a set of relevant countermeasures can help provide solutions.


Emergency management; Language course learning; Major emergencies