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Construction of Psychological Crisis Prevention System for College Students

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000570


Bo Yan, Yudong Luo

Corresponding Author

Bo Yan


Psychological crisis(PC) refers to the relatively unbalanced psychological state generated under the stimulus of crisis events. With the acceleration of the pace of social life and the continuous increase of competitiveness, it is easy to produce psychological problems because college students' psychology is not yet fully mature. College students occupy an important position in the society, and their PC has attracted much attention. The purpose of this paper is to construct a scientific and perfect PC prevention system for college students and to effectively solve the psychological problems of college students. Firstly, this paper discusses the related concepts of PC and psychological prevention, and deeply analyzes the significance of constructing the psychological prevention system for college students. Then, through the investigation and experiment on the prevention of college students' PC, the relevant conclusions are drawn. Finally, in view of the above experimental conclusions, this paper puts forward the specific strategies to construct the PC prevention system for college students. The experimental results of this paper show that the PC of college students in our country is relatively prominent, the measures to deal with the PC are relatively scattered, and the integrated PC prevention system has not been formed.


College Students; Psychological Crisis; Prevention System; Crisis Prevention