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The Application of Ideological and Political Education in the Training of College students' Employ Ability

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000571


SuJuan Zhou

Corresponding Author

SuJuan Zhou


Conomic and technical aspects of the development, causes the student to face the employment environment of great changes have taken place, the employment situation is increasingly serious in recent years, students are faced with the problem in the employment presented the complicated and diversified trend, and college students' understanding of society and the market is insufficient, and the physical and mental development is still not fully mature, they are in the process of employment may be influenced by negative factors, then the understanding of the errors, and even serious psychological problems, at this point in the employment ability training to carry out ideological education is necessary and important. This paper will analyze the role of ideological and political education in the development of college students' employability, and put forward effective reference development.


ideological and political education Employment ; College Student