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The Role of Self-efficacy in Improving English Performance

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000573


Yanyan Cao

Corresponding Author

Yanyan Cao


Self-efficacy refers to a person's subjective judgment on whether he or she can successfully perform a certain behavior, which has an important and direct impact on the behavior of the individual. According to Bandura's theory of self-efficacy, learning self-efficacy not only directly affects students' academic achievement, but also indirectly affects their academic achievement by affecting other psychological processes closely related to academic achievement and regulating and controlling motivation. . Therefore, in the process of English writing teaching, how to stimulate students 'English writing motivation and cultivate students' good self-efficacy in English writing has important theoretical and practical significance in the research of English writing teaching. This article first studies the current situation of English teaching, and then uses questionnaires to analyze the role of self-efficacy in improving English performance, and puts forward relevant suggestions and countermeasures for current problems in English teaching. The research results show that self-efficacy can effectively improve English performance, but at present, the self-efficacy of high school students in China is relatively low, and there is no relevant system training program. However, by stimulating students' interest in English and improving their self-confidence in English learning, the school can educate and guide students in learning strategies, and formulate suitable goals for students. Self-efficacy in English learning.


Self-efficacy; English Results; Improved Results; Teaching Research