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Construction of Curriculum System of Energy and Power Engineering Specialty under the Background of New Engineering and Technical Disciplines

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000574


Xuefei Lv, Ying Lv and Shukun Gan

Corresponding Author

Xuefei Lv


Combined with the new standards for the construction of “New Engineering and Technical Disciplines”, According to the successful experience in energy and power engineering, higher requirements have been put on the training of energy and power engineering professionals, and a curriculum system must be formulated and improved to suit them.This paper systematically optimizes and integrates the professional curriculum system in the talent training program.Discussed the construction of the curriculum system for energy and power engineering majors from theoretical courses, practical courses to scientific research innovation training, etc.With the goal of cultivating innovation ability, highlighting the combination of theory and practice to achieve the training goal of applied innovative talents.


Energy and Power Engineering; "New Engineering and Technical Disciplines" Construction; Curriculum Structure; Innovative Talent Training