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Application Research of Badminton Teaching Based on Functional Training Perspective

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000577


Zhe Ruan

Corresponding Author

Zhe Ruan


Functional training has achieved remarkable results in sports training. This research uses research methods such as literature, expert interviews, questionnaires, and logic analysis. It focuses on the application of functional training as a perspective in badminton teaching. Based on the current state of badminton teaching, we first analyze the functional training research overview, secondly introduce the application of functional training in badminton teaching research, and finally start with action prevention training, action preparation training, rapid contraction comprehensive training, Functional strength training, energy metabolism conservation training, and functional restorative regenerative training are explained in depth and explore the effective application of functional training in badminton teaching. The purpose is to provide useful reference and experiments for related research.


Badminton; Functional Training; Teaching