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The Study on Semantic Relations of New Vision College English

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000579


Jing Li

Corresponding Author

Jing Li


The this paper, based on Hoey’s means of recognizing clause relations and Crombie’s theories of semantic relations, analyzes the semantic relations of written texts of active reading in New Vision College English, a series of the textbooks of non-English major students in Dalian Neusoft University of Information. The primary purpose is to help students grasp the written characteristics of textbooks better and locate the key points when reading long sentences or discourse. The research results show that temporal relations and cause-effect relations are with more frequencies than contrast relations. And the discourse markers of clause relations are mostly characterised by the application of conjunctions to indicate the logical relations. The study plays key roles in teachers’ language pedagogy and students’ language acquisition.


Clause Relations; Semantic Relations; New Vision College English; Active reading