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Teaching Reform of Sculpture Course for Digital Media Arts Major in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000581


XiaoHua Huang , YueYun Shao

Corresponding Author



The teaching reform and innovative teaching mode of the sculpture course for digital media art majors in colleges and universities start from the following aspects: First, reform the traditional practical teaching content and teaching mode; second, guide students to learn theoretical knowledge in the literature; Refining the results of students' sculpture lessons through writing the course thesis, and teachers summing up teaching experience; Fourth, restructuring the curriculum evaluation system and the construction of the exhibition platform, through exhibition competitions inside and outside the school, outstanding works staying on campus, works exhibitions and works applied to Relevant cultural and creative products have a medium assessment form, allowing students' sculptures to pass the market inspection. Through the reform and research of the above teaching schemes, the teaching results will be promoted to the relevant courses of design majors, the benefit of students will be expanded, and reference teaching models will be provided for the design majors of relevant institutions.


digital media art major; sculpture course; reform research; colleges and universities Preface