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Analysis of Hsu Fu-kuan 's Political Cultural Thoughts——Comparing with Mou Zongsan and Tang Junyi

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000584


Yue Liu

Corresponding Author

Yue Liu


Hsu Fu-kuan is an outstanding scholar and an upright ideologist in modern China. His political and cultural thoughts can be summarized as breaking the old, set up the new, and get rid of the weed and keep the flower of the leek. On the one hand, he maintains traditional culture from the standpoint of traditionalists, and on the other hand, he is different from ordinary traditionalists who just maintain traditional culture. He doesn't just agree and maintain everything in the tradition with no change, but to implement the thought of liberalism through criticism and creation of traditional culture. This paper takes comparison and demonstration between Hsu Fu-kuan and Mou Zongsan as well as Tang Junyi.


Political Cultural; Hsu Fu-kuan; Mou Zongsan; Tang Junyi