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Application of Situational Experiential Teaching in High-grade Primary Schools’ English Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000593


Dongmei Li

Corresponding Author

Dongmei Li


This paper discusses the necessity and significance of situational experiential teaching in primary schools’ English teaching. Situational experiential teaching has always been an important strategy in English teaching, which is in line with the concept of deepening education reform and is conducive to stimulating students’ interest in English learning, improving their activeness in English class and reducing their anxiety in the process of English learning. The definition of situation and situational experiential teaching is discussed. This paper also puts forward several ways to create situation. It also displays a teaching case, demonstrating how to apply situational experiential teaching in primary school English class, which proves that the use of situational teaching method for the actual teaching of English is an effective teaching method.


Situational experiential teaching; High-grade primary schools; English teaching