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The Cultivation of Intercultural consciousness in English Courses of Ethnic colleges and universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000598


Damao Zhang

Corresponding Author

Damao Zhang


The concept of "intercultural consciousness" reflects the characteristics of the times. The cultivation of students' cross-cultural communicative ability can fully meet the needs of ethnic diversity and cultural diversity in ethnic colleges. The different classroom teaching methods aiming at cross-cultural communicative competence have changed the limitations of unidirectional cultural teaching in the past, which used target language cultural knowledge as the target and group-wide communicative behavior with the target language as the mother tongue. In the teaching process, students are deliberately guided to use language for communicative training aimed at cultivating language use ability, to establish corresponding contexts, to teach cultural knowledge in the context, to analyze cultural differences, and to allow students to correctly grasp the true meaning of language The right use of language during communication lays the foundation for cultivating intercultural communication skills.


Ethnic colleges and universities; English teaching;Cultivation;Intercultural consciousness