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Interventional Aesthetic Experience: The Aesthetic value of “Chan-Hua”

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000601


Jingwen Xiang,Li Guo

Corresponding Author

Li Guo


The article aims at the inheritance and creative development of “Chan-Hua” Art. Based on the aesthetic empirical theory of folk art in western modern aesthetics, it uses a deductive method to analyze the aesthetic experience of “Chan-Hua” art, expounds the way and context of its aesthetic activities. Through the study of the modeling and craft characteristics and aesthetic concepts of “Chan-Hua” art, we can understand the aesthetic value of “Chan-Hua”. The research shows that the aesthetic activity of “Chan-Hua” art embodies the interventional aesthetic experience, that is, the process of the aesthetic activity in which the subject is fully engaged in the aesthetic object.Similar to folk art, the aesthetic experience of “Chan-Hua” art is daily and lifelike, and its aesthetic activities are an immersive experience. At the same time, “Chan-Hua” art embodies the people's attitude and values, and shows the essence of the traditional Chinese auspicious cultures.The aesthetic value of “Chan-Hua” art is reflected in the close blending with the aesthetic subject. In the process of inheritance and innovation, it cannot be separated from the aesthetic subject and used blindly to understand the general principles of modern aesthetics. Instead, the aesthetic activity should be regarded as an immersive and integrated overall can be inherited and protected while retaining its essence.


Interventional; Aesthetic experience; “Chan-Hua”; Folk art;