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A Comparative Study on the Training Mode of Doctoral Students in Mechanical Engineering between China and America

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000605


Wei Liu, Zhuo Jiang

Corresponding Author

Zhuo Jiang


Under the background of China Manufacturing 2025 and intelligent manufacturing Chinese national needs, it is an important guarantee for our country’s future development to cultivate doctoral students of mechanical engineering with strategic vision and international perspective. Taking Beihang University, Stanford University and Boston University as an example, this paper focuses on the cultivation mode of doctoral students in mechanical engineering, analyzes the characteristics of doctoral education concepts, degree type, selection and elimination, curriculum system, training links and incentive mechanism of Chinese and American, and think about the future development direction of the doctoral cultivation mode of mechanical engineering discipline in China.


China and America; Doctoral students; Postgraduate training; Training mode; Mechanical engineering