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Exploration on the Construction of Fundamentals of Robotics Innovative Course under the Background of New Engineering

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000606


Cheng Zhang and Zhuo Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhuo Zhang


With the rapid development of robotics, the significance of the course construction of robotics in the construction of new engineering courses in colleges and universities in China has become increasingly prominent. Fundamentals of Robotics is an interdisciplinary course, through which students' cognitive level and innovative practical ability of robotics can be cultivated. According to the characteristics of the robotics course, it studies and explores the teaching orientation, course content, implementation method, evaluation system and construction conditions and guarantee of robotics course in this paper, and puts forward the course construction plan from the perspective of improving the innovation ability, which provides some ideas for the robot course construction.


Robot education; Robotics; Course construction; New engineering; Innovation education.