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The Practice and Exploration of the Hybrid English Teaching Model for Postgraduates

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000613


Yan Gao

Corresponding Author

Yan Gao


With the rapid development of the Internet, there are more ways of learning English for graduate students. The hybrid teaching model is the result of the deep integration of online learning and classroom teaching. How to carry out the practice and exploration of the hybrid teaching model of English for postgraduates and improve the quality of English teaching is an urgent problem for the current English teaching of postgraduates. The definition of hybrid teaching model, its connotation and significance are introduced, the theoretical basis of hybrid teaching is analysed, and the requirement of hybrid teaching and its environmental support are discussed. The suggestions on how to develop hybrid teaching of English for postgraduate and the ways of assessments are proposed, so as to effectively improve the quality of postgraduate English teaching, and to provide more convenience for the English leaning of postgraduates and promote the efficiency of postgraduate English teaching and learning.


Postgraduates; Hybrid Teaching Model of English; Teaching Quality