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Research on Training Scheme of Computer Science and Technology Specialty Based on Engineering Education Professional Certification

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000614


Keyan Cao and Jie Dong

Corresponding Author

Jie Dong


Engineering education professional certification has important guiding significance for the standardization of higher education, which development could effectively improve the quality of higher engineering education, ensure the training level of engineering talents, and promote the benign flow of engineering talents in the international community. In order to make the innovative talents training plan of computer specialty meet the needs of modern talents better, this paper analyzes the current situation of engineering education certification of computer specialty and studies the application of innovative talents training of computer specialty based on the engineering education certification standard, including training objectives, graduation requirements, curriculum system, faculty, cooperation between schools and enterprises, quality assurance and continuous improvement. The research is helpful to continuously standardize the talents training process in colleges and universities, improve the quality of talents training, and make the trained talents meet the quality standard requirements of computer industry.


Computer Major; Engineering education; Professional certification; Training program