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Research on SPOC Teaching of Food Machinery and Equipment Based on Superstar Learning Link

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000616


Weidong Wang, Hao Gong, Yuwei Dong, Yong Li and Enqi Liu

Corresponding Author

Enqi Liu


Food machinery and equipment is an important core course for food majors, but in the traditional teaching process, the teaching effect is not ideal due to its difficult content, complex structure, and tediousness. SPOC teaching is a new teaching mode appearing in the "Internet +" era. This article analyzes the necessity of applying the SPOC teaching based on Superstar Learning Link in the food machinery and equipment course, and focuses on the preparation stage under this teaching mode, as well as the implementation of specific classroom teaching. The model pays attention to the organic combination of online and offline learning, cultivates students' autonomy and consciousness in learning, realizes close integration between class and lesson, and achieves ideal teaching results.


Small Private Online Course; Superstar Learning Link; Food Machinery and Equipment