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A Probe into the Talent Training Model of Preschool Male Student Teachers

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000619


Fang Liu, Yuntao Dong

Corresponding Author

Fang Liu


With the continuous improvement and development of China's scientific information technology and its comprehensive national strength in the information age, people have also put forward higher technical requirements for the quality and level of preschool education. In the current basic education system in China, preschool education is still a relatively large weak link. At present, the number of male teachers in kindergartens is seriously inadequate, and the overall level of education and professionalization of preschool education is not high. It is far from the goals and requirements of developed countries for reform and development of preschool education. The research purpose of this article is to explore the talent training goals and models of pre-school male-funded normal students. Based on the explanation of the basic theory and practice of talent training objectives and models, this article combines the goals of current preschool education-related majors for male preschool public-funded normal students, and the curriculum development, training model development process, and evaluation system development. An analysis of the status quo and empirical investigations are conducted. The results of the empirical investigation show that the current 65.15% of the universities have the prominent problem of unclear positioning of talent training goals, which is mainly manifested in the fuzzy definition of the training goals and the lack of full emphasis on the characteristics of art training, and the practice is not outstanding. Another prominent problem is the unscientific setting of talent training courses, the lack of scientific rationality in the structure ratio, which is manifested by the disconnection between the contents of talent training courses and the demands of vocational positions, the repetitiveness of curriculum settings and the lagging of teaching.


Pre-primary Education Public Normal Students; Pre-school Education Related Majors; Talent Training Development Model; Talent Training Development Goals