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Cultivation Plan of College Students’ Network Mainstream Thought from the Perspective of Core Values

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000620


Huanquan Shen, Min Chen, Haoyan Mu, Hongming Pan, Zengzheng Qiaoand Dandan Liu

Corresponding Author

Huanquan Shen


With the advent of the Internet era, it has brought a huge impact on people’s lives, work, and studies, making the Internet widely used in various fields and playing its important role and value. The development of network ideology is the continuous development and growth in the space of information network, which provides security guarantee for its stable development. The purpose of this article is to study the training plan for the mainstream thinking of college students from the perspective of core values. This article first analyzes the predicament of the current mainstream ideology construction of colleges and universities, and then proposes a mainstream ideology construction plan for colleges and universities in view of the problems of single propaganda, difficult, and limited tradition in the construction of mainstream ideology of colleges and universities. This article uses a questionnaire survey to select 300 college students as the survey object. Statistics are provided on the answers to “Do you understand the core values of socialism” and “Transfer relevant information about core values of socialism to friends” that you think are valuable? Only 51% of the college students who understand the core values of socialism have a strong desire to transmit information. It can be seen that the socialist core values are poorly transmitted in social networks.


Core Values; College Students; Ideological and Political Education; Mainstream Internet Thinking; Training Programs