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Enlightenment and Reference of Kohlberg's Moral Education Theory to the Moral Education Practice of Contemporary College Students

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000621


Niyan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Niyan Zhang


In the new economic development environment, the traditional values of contemporary college students are diversified, which also brings great challenges to the practice of moral education in Colleges and universities. Aiming at the problem of how to help students improve their moral cognition and moral judgment ability, this paper analyzes the moral discussion strategy and the just group behaviour training strategy proposed by the famous American educator Kohlberg, and discusses the development of moral education practice in Colleges and universities from three aspects: the rationalization of moral education content, the scientization of moral education goal and the improvement of the effectiveness of moral education work in Colleges and universities. It can provide some reference for the practice of moral education in Colleges and universities.


Kohlberg; moral education theory; moral education practice