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Explore the Importance of Tennis Education in Higher Vocational Education for Student Growth

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000622


Bin Xie

Corresponding Author

Bin Xie


With the country's increasing emphasis on sports, as a part of higher education, sports has always played an important role. Sports is different from other forms of education. It is very realistic for students to complete teaching tasks through physical education and after class. The rapid development of tennis in China, especially the rapid development of tennis in vocational colleges, is a question worthy of discussion for the special college student group at an important stage of life maturity and development. Tennis has entered higher vocational education, and tennis culture has also been integrated into physical education, which has further accelerated the popularity of tennis. Tennis teaching has been carried out smoothly in higher vocational education. The purpose of this article is to explore the importance of higher vocational tennis education to student growth. An analysis of the popularity of tennis in society and the importance of tennis in higher vocational tennis education will help the further development and popularization of tennis in China. By consulting relevant literature, this article surveyed 200 students who participated in tennis education, interviewed 200 students who did not participate in tennis education, and investigated the growth of students in tennis education in vocational colleges. Experimental results show that good tennis education is more conducive to the growth of students.


Higher Vocational Tennis Education; Physical Education Class; Student Growth; Tennis Culture