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The Application of Research-Based Learning in Preschool Education for Children

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000623


Jiayun Xie

Corresponding Author

Jiayun Xie


With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of life has also reached a new level. In recent years, the development of preschool education is in full swing. Many colleges and universities have opened preschool education majors, and children's music teaching models have become Research hotspots. Research-based teaching mode is a teaching mode that takes students' future development as the fundamental goal in the teaching process. In teaching activities, teachers need to follow the principle of student-oriented and cultivate talents with innovative awareness and spirit. Applying the research-based teaching model to all aspects of music teaching for preschool education majors can help cultivate artistic talents adapted to the development of the new era. Therefore, this article proposes the role of research-based learning in music teaching for preschool science majors. Applied research. In this paper, a questionnaire survey and a control group experiment are used to study the teaching model of research learning. The research results in this article show that after an experimental cycle, the excellent rate of students in the experimental group increased by 20% and the good rate increased by 44%. The overall progress was obvious, while the students in the control group did not make significant progress. This research result shows that The application of research-based learning and music education for undergraduates majoring in pre-science education has a significant role in promoting children's improvement in music level, and provides a good paradigm effect for subsequent teaching development.


Research-Based Learning; Pre-Science Education; Children's Music; Teaching Model