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The Relevant Research Based on the Issues Related to the Listing of Private Education Institutions at Home and Abroad

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000626


Fengming Liu

Corresponding Author

Fengming Liu


In recent years, China's private education institutions have developed rapidly and have chosen to go public for financing. This article reviews and sorts out the research results and progress of domestic and foreign experts and scholars on important issues related to profitability, investment significance, and listing financing methods of education listing, and points out that listing is a feasible and effective financing channel for private education institutions and should be strongly supported And development, and emphasized the risk of listing and financing, which has a certain role to play in promoting the listing and financing of private education institutions in China and related departments to formulate relevant policies for listing of private education institutions.


Private education institutions; Stock Market; Financing; For-profit; Risk