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Exploration of Heat Exchanger Principle and Design Course Group Reform Based on "New Engineering and Technical Disciplines"

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000627


Xuefei Lv, Ying Lv and Shukun Gan

Corresponding Author

Xuefei Lv


The paper combined with the "New Engineering and Technical Disciplines" construction proposed by the Ministry of Education, the problems existing in the teaching process of the "Principle and Design of Heat Exchanger" course of the energy and power engineering specialty in traditional engineering education are analyzed.The teaching reform plan for the construction of the "Principle and Design of Heat Exchangers" group is proposed, which mainly solves the design of teaching content that combines theory with practice, talent training and social needs.Through the course teaching methods for the construction of "New Engineering and Technical Disciplines" and the construction and exploration of teachers, it can provide reference and reference for the engineering quality education and teaching reform of energy and power majors.


New Engineering and Technical Disciplines; Engineering quality education; Principle and Design of Heat Exchanger; Course Group; Teaching Reform