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Research on ideological and political innovation in colleges and universities under the background of Network Culture

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000631


Lin Chen, Yanming Zhan

Corresponding Author

Lin Chen


At present, Network culture almost dominates people's production and life, Even changed the form of education in the field of traditional education, In particular, it provides favorable conditions for higher education innovation. This paper hopes to look at it from the perspective of the current network culture, Actively thinking about the guiding principles and correct methods for the innovative construction of the ideological and political education system in colleges and universities, The methodological discussion also incorporates the concept of ecological construction and the idea of big data technology. In colleges and universities, it is possible to appropriately establish an educational platform combining the ideas of big data technology to meet the basic principles of "innovation", "coordination", "green", "openness" and "sharing" in the construction of the network ideological and political education innovation system in colleges and universities. The ideological and political education itself is in harmony with the construction of university network culture.


Network culture; Ideological and political education; Innovation education; Practical difficulties