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The Status Quo of the Second College English Classroom in Independent Colleges

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000632


Xiujun Sun, Min Gui and Yu Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiujun Sun


In the college English teaching system, the second classroom of English is more and more valued by many teachers. Many independent universities have reformed the English classroom to cultivate more complex talents, while also creating a dual-lingual campus culture. The second class of college English in independent colleges emphasizes the importance of teaching, and proposes that teachers should grasp the quality of teaching, so as to enhance students 'autonomous learning consciousness and self-confidence, and improve college students' participation and interaction in English courses. The second class mainly cultivates the listening ability of college students and the independent ability of students to learn independently. In recent years, some college English second classrooms have been implemented and investigated, and some disadvantages and advantages of the second college English classroom have been analyzed in independent colleges. Some appropriate solutions have been proposed.


English University; Independent college; English in Second Classroom