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An Analysis of the Status Quo of Bilingual Preschool Education in Rural China

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000633


Fang Liu and Yuntao Dong

Corresponding Author

Fang Liu


Preschool education is one of the important components of the national education system, and it is the top priority of basic education. Preschool education is of great significance to the healthy growth and future development of children, to the construction of society and the future development of the country and nation. Because rural areas are relatively backward in economic and cultural aspects, rural education occupies an important position in many education policies. Rural preschool education is not only related to the development of rural basic education, but also to the coordinated development of rural society and economy. The purpose of this article is to analyze the current situation of bilingual preschool education in rural Han Chinese. This article first outlines the current situation of bilingual preschool education in rural Han Chinese, then mainly discusses the types of bilingual preschool education in rural Han Chinese and problems in related research results, and finally puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions for rural bilingual Han preschool education. The research results show that poor families have prevented children from going to school, and parents' weak awareness of their children's education has led to existing preschool bilingual education policies that cannot completely solve the problem of bilingual preschool education in various rural areas. At the same time, there are few academic research materials on rural pre-Chinese bilingual education policies, and the relevant policy evaluation and monitoring systems need to be improved. However, it is possible to promote the reform of rural pre-Chinese bilingual preschool education by focusing on infrastructure construction, improving school running conditions, focusing on cultivating bilingual pre-school teachers, and initially establishing relevant professional teachers. And development.


Rural education; Bilingual Chinese; Preschool Education; Education System