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Construction of a Blended Learning Mode for Foreign Language Teaching in Colleges and Universities under the Background of “Internet +”

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000634


Aiwu Lu

Corresponding Author

Aiwu Lu


In the context of “Internet +”, optimizing the learning mode with the help of cutting-edge information technology is a key focus for improving the quality of foreign language teaching in colleges and universities. The blended learning mode attaches great importance to the combination of online and offline teaching modules, which can improve foreign language teaching in institutions of high learning. The blended learning model can help implement independent learning guidance, meet the requirements of personalized teaching in foreign language teaching, and optimize the structure of foreign language teaching. Colleges and universities have initially applied some modules in the blended learning model, but there are problems of insufficient online learning function, weak online and offline learning connection, and incomplete coverage of teaching evaluation. In order to build an efficient blended learning model, we should start with the application of MOOC + SPOC learning mode, platform automation feedback, and oral learning app so as to enrich online learning functions, focus on module convergence, and build a new teaching evaluation system that reflects the quality of online learning.


Internet; College Foreign Language Teaching; Blended Learning Model